Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A trip to the past (part three)

After Hill End we went the Mudgee. It has some beautiful old buildings. Our favourite was the Regent Theater. This theater is still very original and is a great example of Art Deco Theaters. The Regent Theater was opened in 1935 with its debut film 'Passport to Fame' which stared Edward G Robinson and Jean Arthur. It was architecturally designed by Douglas Smith.

It was designed to be able to accommodate live shows and presentations and has a very large stage and dressing rooms on both sides of the stage. 

It has it original hexagonal ticket box in the middle of the foyer and still has it original seating. It also have a 1938 slide projector and slide panel, art deco light fittings, mirror, velvet circular lounge, wall paper and murals. 

Unfortunatley the Theater was closed as it is for sale. Please someone buy it and reopen it so we can visit it!!


  1. what a fabulous building love those tiles gorgeous

  2. Love this building! I'd love to go inside too!

  3. Beautiful architecture, thanks for sharing!


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