Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Beautiful Day at Richmond Markets

We had a great day at Richmond Markets on Saturday. It was a beautiful day weather wise and heaps of people came out to the markets. There were easily over 100 stalls this time which was great. We sold so much, we were very happy. Here are a few pictures of our stall at the start of the day. 

I also took some pictures of some other stalls. These cupcakes are the best from The Cupcake House, I also love her vintage style ruffle cake!!!

Also, we made a new friend in Denise of Felted Finery, who had a neighbouring stall. She was selling the most beautiful scarves, handbags and brooches that she handmakes. 

The following are some other pictures from some random stalls around the markets. 

A Golden Afternoon

One of our customers, Janelle Keys is a wonderful photographer, based here in the Hawkesbury. She recently shared these great photos she took using a crate that she purchased from us. She has some more excellent pictures on her website as well as on her facebook

Sunday, May 13, 2012

All the leaves are brown...

With the cold weather most of our leaves are turning brown and falling to the ground. I love it, I love the colours it makes, the fact it looks like it is snowing leaves, the sound it makes when you walk on it. I also love being able to have our fireplaces on. Here are a few pics from around our house, mostly of the leaves from our Plum trees. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Richmond Markets!

If you follow us on facebook you will know that we are having a stall at Richmond Markets this Saturday, we thought we would try it and see how it goes. Mum is taking heaps of painted furniture, some cute dolls, industrial and farmhouse items and some other different and interesting stuff.

If you are around the Hawkesbury on Saturday call by Clarendon Showground, we would love to see you!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sydney Rock 'n' Roll and Alternative Markets New Home!

The Sydney Rock 'n' Roll and Alternative Markets are on again on the 3rd of June but they have upgraded to a bigger and better indoor venue Manning House and Manning Bar at Sydney Uni! 

There are three levels and over 50 stalls! These markets are described as "The Ultimate Subculture Market'. There is something for everyone there from vintage fashion to books, collectables, vintage cars, records, dvds, swing dancing, and the list goes on...

The amazing Rock Photographer Tony Mott will also do a presentation a slideshow of his amazing images

The markets start at 10:30 and the bands (including the amazing Gay Paris!!!) start at 11am. We are not going to miss this so we will be going down to check the markets out and to catch Gay Paris again.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Home from New Zealand!

Hi! I am home from sunny New Zealand. Mum was keeping the blog alive while I was away (thanks mum!). We took Joshs SLR so I am waiting for him to edit the good pictures, so until then I thought I would show you some random pics I took with my iPhone. Above is at Fox Glacier. We took a helicopter to the top of it which was really cool!

This pic was taken at the top of Sky Tower in Auckland.

This is some pressed metal that was lining the walls in a cool pub in Auckland. I love pressed metal. Apparently our bedroom (an original timber slab) was lined with tin up until the 1980s but when they went to restore it, it all fell apart and was too fragile. I am hoping one day to be able to bring some pressed metal back into our house. 

Also a cool 50's style sign on the Bakery at Hanmer Springs (one of my favourite places!!!).

So hopefully I will have some more pictures soon to show you. Also blogger changed formats while I was away and it was super confusing for me! Anyway, I think I have the hang of it now...I hope.