Thursday, April 19, 2012

Living History

As Warragamba Dam again spills it`s excess water along the Nepean then the Hawkesbury river it brings one back to pre dam times when the dam had no impact on people`s lives, when people were not warned of impeding floods by way of electronic communications, they just had to deal with the unpredictable river.

The Hawkesbury is a beautiful river to live by. The most fascinationg aspect, to me, is the history that surrounds us here. First settlement on the Hawkesbury was at Pitt Town Bottoms in 1794. The fertile river flats were perfect for growing fruit & vegetables to supply to the Sydney settlement. It was imperative that the farms were successful and each Governor from the Sydney Settlement made sure that they were going to succeed, none more  thou than Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

Unfortunately the river wasn`t always kind to the settlers and they had to endure many floods which wiped many of them out finacially. The great flood of 1867 had an even bigger impact. It peaked at 19.2 metres, caught many unaware and lives were lost. The Barnhouse still has signs of where the 1867 flood went thru, lucky it was 2 storey.

Everywhere along the river there are still properties from our early days. This one has to be my favourite all time property. I would so love to get my hands on it and bring it back to its former glory. Imagine the stories that it could tell.

You may think that perhaps you recognise it..... you would be`s featured in many commercials, photo shoots & music video clips. The owner is a very old guy who has let it go, its beyond him and its now derelict. Such a shame that a house of such significance will be lost.

This house is the adjoining property, needs renovating as well. Maybe one day they will fall into the hands of someone who will treat them well.


  1. Hiya, is this the house that is just outside Windsor towards Freemans Reach and Wilberforce? It looks like the one I used to drive past everyday and loved. And also the one that was used in a Country Practice? I lived at Glossodia for a while, worked in Windsor and lived in Richmond too. I agree there are some really amazing houses there. I remember watching the Bridge to Bridge water skiing race on the river. Thanks for stirring up some great memories, Tam x

  2. What beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Hi Tam,

    Yeah thats the 1! On the laneway next to the river. Glad it bought back some memories


  4. Wow! Those barns may not look pretty now, but I bet they were years before. Also, the fact that those barns are still standing even after all these years just proves how durable the materials used to make them. My guess is the wood is mainly timber. Otherwise, it wouldn’t last this long. If one of those gets renovated, I sure do want to live there.


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