Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In the Garden

Hi There

I`m the Mum, the 1 with the creepy dolls heads... more on them another day.

I just wanted to share some pics of my gardens before they go dormant for winter.

I share my garden with our pets and with a wide variety of native wildlife. I have geese, a rooster, horses and of course my dog and I often have the barnhouse dogs visiting as well. Native wildlife includes a wide variety of birds, possums, sugar gliders, bandicoots, goannas and lots of blue tounges and bearded dragons. On the snake front I get eastern browns (hate them!) Red belly blacks and this summer I came across a death adder, that really deterred my need to spend time in the garden; nice surprise (not)!

I do have areas of formal gardens as well with clipped box hedges, rows of lavenders etc but it has taken me 4 days to master just putting this post up & I think it`s pic heavy enough already so I will be back another day.


  1. Beautiful gardens, I get snakes as well I hate them so much. My cat used to bring them inside all the time and I would find random snakes all through out the house. Needless to say my cat is a indoor cat for this reason and health reasons.

  2. You have a beautiful garden.
    Intrigued by the dolls heads comment...

  3. Your garden is just beautiful ..... I love it. Snakes, I'm not that scared of, although I have to say if I came across one outside in the garden, I wouldn't exactly be thrilled.

  4. Hi dear. You have really great photos. I love the scenery, it looks truly beautiful. Oh, i just found your blog link when I'm browsing on FatMumSlim blog. <3



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