Friday, February 10, 2012

A Photo A Day Challenge - Day 6 - 10

Day 6 - Dinner
Another bad iPhone pic, sorry. This is Joshs dinner not mine (I'm veggie) but I thought it was awesome that they cut out a rose, until Josh told me it was a little machine that cuts it out. Sad face.

Day 7 - Button
I use this old lolly dispenser to display some of my vintage buttons. I love vintage buttons and I have thousands.

Day 8 - Sun
No sun today, again.

Day 9 - Front Door
Josh actually took this pic not me and put grading?? (I don't know editing picture stuff) on it. This is our front door. Our house was built in 1830 and was an old pub until 1900s. I am currently researching all its history which is fun but also frustrating. We have been here for about two years now and love it!!!

Day 10 - Self Portrait
This is me. I don't think I have put a pic of me on before, so yeah, here I am.


  1. Love the lollie dispenser with all your buttons in it and its nice to put a face to a blog.

  2. These posts are extra interesting to someone else who is doing this chalelnge. Your pics are great. The button one is fab. I love seeing someone else's take on the topic. I am saving mine all up for one post. :)

    PS It is lovely to know who I am chatting to (re self-portrait). You are v cute.


  3. I have enjoyed seeing your photo challenge shots, and it nice to see you too!

    p.s. the dinner looks yummy. I love your front door, I would love to see more of your amazing home.


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