Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Photo A Day Challenge - Day 21 - 24

Day 21 - A Fave Photo
This photo is a couple of years old. Josh took it with his lomo camera down at Yarramundi lagoon at sunset.

Day 22 - Where You Work
 An iphone shot of one of the dams I work in. I am doing my PhD on freshwater turtles so I have spent 13 months playing in dams with turtles. I love it, being outside in the sunshine (the rain, not so much). This is a really pretty dam, some of them are puddles of mud!

Day 23 - Your Shoes
These are my favourite cowboy boots. Mum brought them for me 3 years ago and I have only worn them a handful of times. They are actually really comfy. I really need to wear them more.

Day 24 - Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet
I am way to embarrassed by the mess in my bathroom cabinet so I thought I would show you a sketch of my bathroom 'cabinet'. It is an old cupboard with no doors and we have wicker baskets as the draws sitting on shelves. We have a beautiful stone bowl as our sink. 


  1. Lucky you playing with turtles and those boots are divine.

  2. phd on fresh water turtles? I want to have that job too. Wow that must be really interesting to do everyday. I also love the sketch of your bathroom. My bathroom also looks like its ready to trow up, and that picture of you with your doggie is adorable. I love how the sun was captured while setting. It is a sunset right? Beautiful


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