Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Photo A Day Challenge - Day 11 - 14

Day 11 - Makes You Happy
Raggie playing crazy in the garden makes me happy, no matter what mood I am in. 

Day 12 - Inside Your Closet
Well the Barns closet. Only few dresses are listed on the website. Hopefully, I will get heaps more on there once my steamer finally arrives.

Day 13 - Blue
Mum has painted a chair to match her books. 

Day 14 - Heart
Josh is very sweet...sometimes.


  1. I LOVE Raggie, what kind of dog is she? A Foxie cross?

    I love finding out more about you.

    I thought that was your closet and almost fell off my chair. Where is that steamer? I hav seeing them in KMart & Big W lately. Need one, big time.

    You wait until you see my blue pic, almost identical, I even had the chair (I have blue stools in my kitchen) but decided on just the books in the end. Talk about great minds.

    That love photo is very romantic. :)

  2. ah! the look on your raggie's face is adorable! what a cutie pie :)

  3. Cute doggie!
    *OoOO* Vintage dresses <3
    I really like that blue stool.
    And how sweet the rose petal message is!

  4. Raggie is so cute give him a big cuddle from me.


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