Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We are off to ... AMERICA!

I am so super excited, whilst I had a broken leg, my partner won a short film festival and was accepted into the 'International' finals which are being held in none other than Grauman's Chinese Theatre in  LA!

So we are super excited having never been to America before. We are only there for a short time so we want to know where the best places to hang out in LA are. We really would like to do some good vintage shopping (of course)! I have found a fair bit online, but I would love to hear if you have some sort of secret vintage shopping/restaurant/bar/hangout. And as no trip to LA is complete without visit Las Vegas, we will also be there for three days!!!


  1. Oh, how exciting! Congrats for making the finals, I hope you do well at the festival. Sounds like you guys will have heaps of fun. Sorry, can't provide any tips, but have fun :)

  2. Thanks! We will have heaps of fun I am sure.


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