Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Abandoned Theme Park

The internet brought me to these great, creepy photos of an abandoned theme parks. These pictures, whilst they are creepy, I think they are beautiful. Theme parks are so colourful and vibrant, the faded, weathered rides remind you that we all grow up and get old. These places that were once loved by children are now nothing but a junkyard full of 'scrap metal'

When I was a kid I use to love going to a theme park we had here in Sydney called Australias Wonderland. Unfortunately it closed in 2004 and was dismantled and bits and pieces were sold off. Now the land is an industrial area (sad face).


  1. it would be amasing to visit such a place, beautiful, sad, spooky, filled with the ghosts of laughter and screams. the place i went to as a kid (wicksteed park) is still alive and well and is about 100 years old. it has a ride that went up in 1927 which is still going (4 generations of my family have been on it!).

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  3. Abandoned theme parks absolutely thrill me...I would be so excited to visit one. Wonderland was my favourite place to go as a kid. I have so many fond memories of it. I was so sad when it closed. Great post!

  4. So interesting! i think overgrown Victorian cemeteries have a similar charm


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