Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gay Ware

Mum picked up this on the weekend. It has never been used and is still in the box! I have never seen a full set like this before. Normally, we get a few individual pieces in, however we never get a full unused set still in the box! This is a 'table gift set' which has cheese, butter, sugar, jam, honey. It is in the most amazing colour blue. 

Gay Ware is one of the most collectable and iconic pieces from the 1950s. If you have a fifties kitchen then you have some Gay Ware. There are all sorts of canisters in different sizes, styles - cake, flour, jam, sugar, cheese etc and all different colours. 

 I am so glad to have got this set. I would be keeping it if we were still in our 50's house, unfortunately it does not suit the 1800s. She also picked up these three yellow canisters. Keep an eye on our facebook page for them to go onsale. 


  1. I bought my husband a pink and grey Gayware canister set in perfect nick for $10! I was thrilled and so was he!
    The blue set is divine (slightly o.t.t. but true)

  2. That blue set is AMAZING! How cute is the original box??? Love! A girl can never have enough canisters I say. Xx

  3. Oh my gosh that is one fabulous find!!!! The blue is gorgeous.
    Well done mum!!!!
    Love v

  4. tee hee Gay Ware. sorry I'm immature. It's fantastic, I'll definitely keep my eye open in case there's any over here!

  5. Oh my god!!!!! Totally in love with this set, how amazing. I'm running over to your FB now!

  6. Such a great post!!!

    I'd like to keep in touch with you.
    What do you say about following each others blog via gfc and bloglovin?

    Let me know! Kisses,

  7. very interesting post.


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