Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vintage Home Canning Jars Aka Mason Jars

Originally canning jars in the early 1850's used a flat tin lid which was held in place by sealing wax. The clamp glass lid jars were invented in 1882 and it is these which we are today most familiar with.

Mason jars were quickly overtaken on the market by The Ball Company and other well known producers of canning jars include Atlas, Kerr and Root Fruit.

In Australia the most popular canning system was Fowler.

Clear glass is the most common colour available. Other colours the jars were produced in was green, amber, aqua blue and a deep green. Very rare colours of cobalt blue, black and milk glass are very sought after and demand very high prices.

We have obtained from the USA a selection of jars from the Ball Company and Atlas Company. These original canning jars are not easily found in Australia and are now listed on our website.

Mason jars can be used very creatively for a multitude of uses, not just to create a vintage pantry feel in your kitchen. They look great with flower cuttings as a tablescape for a special dinner. Used in the bathroom to store your pretty bathroom accessories. Brides seek them out to create a romantic feel for their vintage styled weddings. Also used as a drinking glass for a cool summer punch or to serve a fruity desert. Place tea lights in them to create a soft atmosphere or string them together and hang from a tree for your outdoor party. Their use is only limited by your imagination and creativity. 


  1. LOVE these jars! There is something satisfying about popping the lid open. Have you seen this article about how to colour the jars yourself?

    I haven't tried it yet but it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Love those jars they are so nice.

  3. Gorgeous jars.
    An aside to the link Grande Dame provided you can only colour orginal vintage jars Do not try it on the "imitation" jars that you can pick up cheaply in lotsa stores. The thickness of the glass is not the same. The glass on original jars were produced to withstand high heat. The jars being sold these days are not for canning, they are purposed nowdays for storage. They will explode in your oven.

  4. Who knew a jar could be so beautiful? I especially love the coloured ones.

  5. They are lovely.

    Have you been for your scooter licence yet? If not, best of luck.x

  6. They really are lovely! I love the colours in old glass!

  7. I have a couple of the blue ones ! love love!


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