Friday, December 30, 2011

Did you ever see an elephant fly?

How amazing is this MCP Dumbo. I love him, he is so vibrant and colourful. 

Modern Ceramics Products (MCP) (located in Marrickville NSW) won the licence to manufacture Disney characters in the 1950's. They produced figurines from the popular Disney movies of the time. Most of the figurines were not stamped but had a MCP sticker attached which usually wore off over time. The figurines were well glazed and decorated and they are now highly sought after by Disney collectors world wide. This blog ( features many of the MCP Disney range and well as other Disney manufacturers of the time. 

This guy and his cute little friend Thumper will be added to the website shortly.


  1. He is gorgeous. Dumbo was my very favourite book when I was little. For memory,I could read it all myself, when I was about three.In reality, I reckon I just remembered the words and kind of made it up as Mum turned the Pages.

    Also, I LOVE Thumper. :)

  2. Its such a classic book. Its nice to have that memory with your mum. Mum use to read to me too, I remember all the 'Spot the Dog' books and also the Little Golden Book - The Monster at the End of This book. When mum reads this she will probably remind me of more.

  3. SO cute, and happy belated birthday Mutley!

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year and a year full of happiness, good health and all things wonderful, Tam x

  4. Dumbo is always a cutey.Thanks so much for following my blog was a nice surprise to see a new followerLooking forward to getting to know you in 2012 may it be a wonderful one.


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