Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Australian Womens Weekly Retro Cookbook

I got this great cookbook for Christmas. It is such a beautiful, beautiful book. If you are into vintage kitchenalia it is so worth buying. They have designed this cookbook so well the pages just pop out at you, and it so bright and colourful. I love it!

It also includes a number of pages from old Womens Weeklys to show you what they were like.


  1. I LOVE it! Whoever gave you that A) Knows you well B) Has FABULOUS tatse.

    I LOVE kicthenalia (it is actually one of my favourite words... kitchenalia...).

    Happy New Year.


  2. Ooohhh, what a great book, although photo 2 doesn't look very appetizing..what are the little balls things.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012 ahead, Happy New Year!!

  3. I am not sure what the balls pie is. I would guess stewed Cranberries? It is one of the pages from the old cookbook so it does't say.

    Kitchenalia is such a weird word. I think it must have been created by an auction house to describe items.

  4. thank you immensely for following my blog. that cookbook is superb, and i also really love a lot of items in your store

  5. Oh! I just received this book for Christmas! I LOVE all the different sections; The Milkbar is my favourite.

    I finally got around to looking at this blog after you were one of my first followers, thank you so much. Following you too now :)

  6. The pie with the "red balls" is made from sour cherries!


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