Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diana Pottery Waltzing Matilda Jugs

Diana Pottery in Marrickville NSW made the Waltzing Matilda jugs and mugs in 1951 and 1952 only. They were designed by Tony Valek and the colour scheme was designed by Mirel Smisek.  Several thousand were produced in the two years of production but the larger jug with the hand painted red gum tips is the most sought after piece from the range.  For Diana they were very expensive to produce as they were hand decorated and the musical mechanism in each one of them was imported from Switzerland. 

Not only are they iconic pieces of Australiana, the attention to detail is superb and was a credit to the skills of the artists that Diana Pottery employed. 

My great grandmother worked for Diana Pottery so I have been surrounded with Diana all my life. The yellow jug here was given to my grandmother by her mother and now my mum has it. We will be listing the blue jug on the website for sale. 


  1. I have one of the smaller waltzing matilda musical mugs in brown tones just like Swagman Pottery.
    Anyone else seen one?

  2. Photo for you.

    1. I have one exactly the same as yours. Are they also from Diana potteries?

  3. I have a large mug the same as the first picture. the music box is in working order and the mug has never been used. anyone interested pls phone 0409897475 Jo

  4. second attempt at a post,whats it worth please

  5. second attempt at a post,whats it worth please

  6. The potter responsible for the colour work is Mirek Smisek (with some strange accents thrown in) not Mirel. He went on to become one of New Zealand's most revered potters. Jeremy.


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