Sunday, August 14, 2011

Website Goodies!

Here are some of my favourite items that we photographed for the website this week.

These amazing elegant vintage black velvet shoes 'French Room' by Contour. They are leather soled. $75

Large old printers tray. Perfect for wall displays with over 80 sections. It measures 81.5cm high by 42cm wide. $60

This a gorgeous early 1900s hand decorated mantle vase, 32cm high. $75

This fellow is my favourite. He is a fabulous 1960's fibreglass rocking horse on a wood stand. He is in excellent condition and such a fun piece. He is 1m high. $300


  1. Gorgeous items, what size are the shoes?

  2. Hi Junk-it, they are marked a 7.5, however, they are narrow. If you like I can get the exact measurements for you.


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