Saturday, August 6, 2011

Antique Parasol Help!!

This weekend we got up nice and early and went to the swap meet of the All Holden Day at Claredon Showground. We have gone every year for as long as I can remember. It was on both Saturday and Sunday but since we brought so much on Saturday we decided not to go on Sunday. It was so full of sellers it was wonderful to walk around and have a good look. Some things were reasonably priced, some were priced crazy, but we managed to get some bargains. One bargain I got was this antique parasol for just $2. 

I did not even see it, but my partner said 'you like these don't you?', yes, yes I do! Unfortunately I do not know anything about it. A stall holder saw me carrying it and came up and asked me about where I go it and how much I paid. I asked if he could tell me about it and he said it looks Asian and about 1920s. 

It has a bamboo handle and the inside forks are bamboo. It appears to be leather or like leather. It is really thick but is really waxy. As I was carrying it the wax rubbed off onto my jeans and it is dark wax (luckily it came off my jeans in the wash).  

I have had a good google around and looked through a few clothing reference books but I can not find anything like it. I have a feeling it is late1800s? If anyone knows anything about old parasols I would love to hear from you?


  1. Wow! Loving this parasol. Isn't it gorgeous? Such an amazing find.
    Pam x

  2. $2..Thats crazy insane....what a fantastic find! Sorry, can;t offer any information, but I would assume your thoughts to be correct re. age, etc. Hope you can find out more. Tam x


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