Friday, January 27, 2012

Glitter Dress

I received the most amazing dress from America a few weeks ago. It is a vintage glitter dress. It is a 50's style, but the stitching in it makes me believe it could be younger than that. It is amazing that all the glitter is still on! It looks perfect, I could not believe it, these dresses are so rare in perfect condition. Unfortunately it is a bit small for me, so I have listed it on the website ( so it can find its forever home. 

I have also listed two other beautiful dresses, my silly steamer died so I won't be listing anymore until my replacement comes in the mail. 


  1. Oh, please tell me about your steamer. I want one, but don't know anyone who has one.

  2. That is a ridiculously good price. I shall keep my eye out and be sure to let me know if your brand is a goody. xx


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